Quo Vadis

The Quo Vadis Project continues as the primary vehicle for shaping the future activities of the LSAA.  Key documents from the Project and its current status can be viewed at the link in the Member section above.  A summary of the Project is also available as a pdf file at the link below.
Quo Vadis 101

Thanks to Keith Simpson '70, for archiving the Lenox School yearbooks, 1965 - 1971 on his website www.yourarchivist.com
Check them out, and contact Keith directly if you have family photos you would like to preserve.

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Links to More Photos

If you have an album of Lenox photos posted online, let us know and we'll add the link here. You will need a google picassa account (available free when you click on link) to view

Thanks to David Acton for this gallery of pics from Reunion 2013.  Click to view 

Reunion Photos 2016

Reunion Photos 2013

Reunion Photos 2011

Reunion 2008 Photos

Reunion 2006 Photos

1988 reunion & misc photos from 1965-66

1966 Graduation Photos

Lord of the Flies

Message Board > Red P & S / Booster Buttons

Does anyone have a copy of the infamous Red Pen and Scroll or a complete collection of booster buttons to bring to the reunion, (including CRAM CRANWELL!!)? We'll photograph the buttons, and try to get a scan of the paper before the end of the weekend.

Now get out there and Maul Monson!



September 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKimball

There were a ton of the Red P&S around.. I think David Nathans had one.. But I suspect that they have all be added to the archives which are stored somewhere on the old campus (ask Sansone)..

September 20, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterschneiter '68