Quo Vadis

The Quo Vadis Project continues as the primary vehicle for shaping the future activities of the LSAA.  Key documents from the Project and its current status can be viewed at the link in the Member section above.  A summary of the Project is also available as a pdf file at the link below.
Quo Vadis 101

Thanks to Keith Simpson '70, for archiving the Lenox School yearbooks, 1965 - 1971 on his website www.yourarchivist.com
Check them out, and contact Keith directly if you have family photos you would like to preserve.

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Thanks to David Acton for this gallery of pics from Reunion 2013.  Click to view 

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1988 reunion & misc photos from 1965-66

1966 Graduation Photos

Lord of the Flies

The Lenox School Campus Today

The majority of the campus, 63 of 100 acres, and its buildings are split between Shakespeare & Company’s 33 acres in the south stretching from the Hockey Pond to the Infirmary, with 7 buildings in use; and Dr. James C. Jurney Sr.’s planned 30-acre Springlawn Resort to the north ending at Schermerhorn Hall with one building in use.  Three other buildings purchased by separate owners are also in use, while private homes have been built on the athletic fields on either side of the Old Stockbridge Road.  St. Martins Hall above remains a candidate for renovation, as do several other buildings. 

See the Lenox School Today page for further information on the campus and here is a link to an aerial photograph of the Lenox campus at its largest (circa 1970) with a detailed legend that provided information on each building.

Founder's Theater formally the Memorial Gymnasium

To the South: Eight former Lenox School buildings are still in use on the S&Co 33-acre campus.  The Merrill-Seamans Library is the Miller Office Building; the Memorial Gymnasium is the Founders’ Theater; the Sports Center is the Elayne P. Bernstein Theatre; Lawrence Hall is their main dormitory and dining hall and still has the same name; and the St. Martins study hall and dining room are used for storage and its two rear extensions as rehearsal rooms in mild weather.  Even West and the Faculty Cottages are in use and the Craft Shop is available, but currently without power or water.  South Cottage, previously in use, has been closed awaiting repairs.  A temporary recreation of the Elizabethan Rose Playhouse even periodically rises from the baseball diamond in the main (upper) athletic field area.  The Coop, Monks Hall and the Infirmary are still standing, but are too far gone to be renovated.  There is still hope for the Field House, despite the collapsed second floor and for St. Martins, though renovating them will be very expensive.  LSAA Memorabilia Displays are located in the Founders’ and Bernstein Theatres.


To the North:
Dr. Jurney and his children, periodically reside in Clipston Grange and he has plans for a future 30-acre Springlawn Resort that will include Clipston Grange as the Manager’s residence; a renovated Schermerhorn Hall (Springlawn Mansion) for main guest lodging and dining and The Annex with guest suites and a main event room.  A new access road to Spring Lawn is being built, entering and exiting Kemble Street near the old Thayer Hall’s location.  Other enhancements to the property are planned to include tennis courts, a parking garage, nature trails and an improved Hockey Pond for fishing and skating.  North and East Cottages remain, but are beyond repair and would be replaced by additional guest cottages.  The LSAA periodically utilizes Schermerhorn Hall to store bulky items.

Separately Purchased Buildings:

Bassett Hall is now the Kemble Inn

Three buildings have been sold to separate individuals and are also still in use.  The Jones House is the Walker House (an Inn); Bassett Hall is the Kemble Inn (offered for sale in 2009 at $1.7M and sold for $1.2M in 2010); while the Carriage House remains a private residence and also changed hands in 2010.
Athletic Fields:  A stand of trees has grown across the main (upper) athletic field approximately 50 yards from the Cross Country Course Start/Finish line.  A single home, with an unfinished interior, stands in the middle of the remaining property between the trees and the Old Stockbridge Road and it controls the rear gate.  A second home has been built on the Howland Memorial Playing Field across the road, which has been cleared of trees except for those along the Old Stockbridge Road.

The Fate of Buildings Damaged Beyond Repair

Monks Hall S&Co officials explain that they must leave the collapsing buildings in place until they are ready to quickly build new structures with the same amount of square footage.  Apparently, there is more building square footage on the S&Co acreage than the Lenox Town Laws now allow to be developed.  For S&Co to be able to expand in the future, they must tear down an existing structure and then build another of the same size within two years.  If this is not done within the required timeframe, then they will not be allowed to add that additional square footage to their existing campus.  Thus, they must have the funds and plans for any new structure in place at the time they tear down any of the collapsing buildings.  This reality means that the deteriorating buildings are likely to be left in place for some time to come.  A similar rationale applies to North and East Cottages on Dr. Jurney’s property.